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Shoon Fatt Cream Crackers

Cream Crackers Special

A wonderful day starts with enjoying our special cream crackers with a cup of hot beverage.

Pack Size: 88g, 180g, 400g

Shoon Fatt Naiyu Jagung

Naiyu Jagung

Combining the essence of butter and the natural flavour of corn for this uniquely crispy delight!

Pack Size: 350g

Shoon Fatt Merceti Biscuits

Merceti Biscuits

Light and crispy, these corn-flavored treats are delightful.

Pack Size: 280g

Shoon Fatt Sugar Crackers

Sugar Crackers

Original cream crackers coated with sugar that makes them sweet and savory.

Pack Size: 88g, 180g, 400g

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