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Shoon Fatt Choc Twist Wafer Rolls

Berry/Choc Twist

Golden crispy rolls complemented with either a luscious strawberry or chocolate flavour.

Pack Size: 80g, 500g, 700g

Shoon Fatt Lavish Series Sandwich

Lavish Sandwich

The unique blend of rich cream sandwich between two crispy biscuits makes each bite an extraordinary experience.

Pack Size: Lavish: 180g, Lavish Peanut: 162g

Shoon Fatt Lemon Puff

Lemon Puff

Freshly stuffed lemon cream biscuits with a burst of fresh and sweet taste.

Pack Size: 100g

Shoon Fatt Mefar Cocoa

Mefar Cocoa/Coffee

An irresistible combination of both fragrant coffee and crispy crusts.

Pack Size: 100g

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