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Here at Shoon Fatt, we strive for perfection. Every piece is baked & produced with much love and passion. Always ensuring only the best is being produced, freshly baked and deliciously packed. Making sure we only produce biscuits you will love!



Satisfying Hunger Anytime, Anywhere!



A Leading Malaysian Brand, Enjoyed Globally!

Our Brand Values

Quality Focus, Honesty & Integrity, Team Spirit and Passion for Biscuits.

Our Brand Promise

Quality Choices with Better Value.

Shoon Fatt was founded
1966 Shoon Fatt was Founded
The First Factory
Shoon Fatt 1976 The First Factory
Began Exporting Biscuits
Shoon Fatt 1987 Began Exporting Biscuits
Technological Advancements
Shoon Fatt 2006 Technology Advancements
Glorious Achievements
Shoon Fatt 2007 Glorious Achivement Certificates
Achieved The National Mark of Malaysian Brand Award
Shoon Fatt 2017 Achieved The National Mark of Malaysian Brand Award

SHOON FATT  is committed to continuously producing quality, nutritious and safe products by:-

  1. Complying with all the relevant Food Act & Regulations in Malaysia and all export countries,as well as customers’ requirements.
  1. Continual updating appropriate standards and improve Food Safety and Quality Management System (FSQMS) for material sourcing, manufacturing and distribution.
  1. Ensuring all staff perceive food safety and quality as a shared responsibility, and display a high degree of quality awareness and ownership as well as ensuring competencies related to food safety.
  1. Strengthen the food safety and quality capabilities in entire organization through structured development program.
  1. Continually review food safety and quality policies, standards and procedures to effectively manage risks associated with changes in products, processes and technologies.
  1. Ensuring all the information concerning food safety and quality are well communicated to the relevant internal & external parties.

For manufacturing, we continuously innovate and produce the best for our customers and fans.For quality, the latest testing equipment are used to ensure adherence to food safety standards set by local and international bodies. For delivery, our efficient and wide distribution network will ensure timely delivery to all our customers. For the market, we continuously engage our customers and fans to encourage feedback for improvement. For our success, building your trust in us, is our commitment!

Shoon Fatt Highest Quality Assured & Strict Adherence
Shoon Fatt Safely Delivered & Widely Distributed
Shoon Fatt Socially Responsible with Positive Contribution
Shoon Fatt Customer Focus & Service Excellence


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