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Shoon Fatt Marie Biscuits

Marie Biscuits

Delightful Marie biscuits with milk is the best entrée for a casual afternoon tea.

Pack Size: 175g, 265g

Shoon Fatt Veggie Crackers

Veggie Crackers

A naturally-flavored cracker infused with the essence of fresh vegetables makes it a snack, delicious yet healthy.

Pack Size: 360g

Shoon Fatt Crisp's Soda Crackers

Crisp’s Soda Crackers

Healthy and delicious soda crackers sealed in a fine and convenient pack for travelling.

Pack Size: 140g, 720g

Shoon Fatt Cocoa Marie Biscuits

Cocoa Marie

Made especially for the cocoa enthusiasts and for a great afternoon munch!

Pack Size: 175g, 265g

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