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Shoon Fatt Assorted Refill Pack

Assorted Refill Pack

With biscuits of different flavours, it is sure to leave a memorable taste.

Pack Size: 600g, 700g

Shoon Fatt Rounded Assorted Biscuits

Rounded Assorted Biscuits

Excellent and luxurious design, the perfect choice for festivals and parties.

Pack Size: 450g, 800g

Shoon Fatt Transparent Assorted Biscuits

Transparent Assorted Biscuits

While it is individually wrapped for convenience, the packing on the outside can be reused; help us recycle and save the planet!

Pack Size: 700g

Shoon Fatt Octagon Assorted Biscuits

Octagon Assorted Biscuits

A tin with a great variety of biscuits, to cater for those in the office or at home.

Pack Size: 600g, 700g

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