Sharing Happiness With Shoon Fatt

Teluk Intan, Perak, July 13th 2017 – SHARING BRINGS HAPPINESS – A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program has been organized by Shoon Fatt company. It was held at Tadika QE (Teluk Intan, Perak Area) which dated on 16th June 2017. There are total of 130 students & 12 young teachers been involved in this CSR program.

Shoon Fatt Photo of Sharing Happiness with Tadika QE 3

Together, we are bringing a ‘lifeful’ message which focus on the importance of sharing into a group of five and six years old students. It is an absolute excitement in conveying all the valuable message to our beloved QE students! There are a lot of fun activities specially arranged for all QE students. It has included questionnaire session, role playing session & presentation/video play. Our team are sensing a strong feeling of enthusiasm of all the students which have participating in every session we had originally prepared. As a token for their effort, a special made “gift” has been handed out to every students and teachers.

Shoon Fatt Photo of Sharing Happiness with Tadika QE 1

Throughout the whole CSR running progress, we sincerely hope that QE students can reach to a level of understanding (Sharing Bring Happiness). Eventually, they could make use of this learning and continue this good practice in society.

Shoon Fatt Photo of Sharing Happiness with Tadika QE 2

Contribution to our society has been part of our culture in Shoon Fatt Biscuit company. In the future, we will be continued to provide more memorable CSR program to our society.